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Zarcillos de Ju

Zarcillos de Ju

Zarcillos de Ju

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1 bottle of 500 ml Zarcillos de Ju - Sweet wine from La Cabrera

Harvest: 2023

Varieties: Moscatel, Palomino Fino and Malvasía

Viticulture: Traditional bush vines

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This oenological project without borders was born from the passion of the Winemaker Nacho Alvarez to experiment with different winemaking techniques in grape varieties native to a certain region. In this first stage of the project, these regions were covered:

  • Ribera del Duero
  • Vinho regional do Minho (Portugal)
  • Bierzo sweet wine

"Ju" is how Nacho affectionately calls his son Julián. From a very young age, he has had those characteristic curls that, like the tendrils of a vine, intertwine and form charming patterns that allow us to contemplate the development of the vine.