Pago de los Abuelos in the words of grape grower and winemaker Nacho Álvarez

"It is a tribute to all those grandparents who worked and preserved the vineyards for more than a century"

The project was born from the affection for certain land of steep challenging slopes in the mountains of El Bierzo, virgin places for the world of current enology in Spain.

We tried to represent a love for the superheroes “the Grandparents” that I met and whom I would have liked to get to know.

What makes this project special:

  • Mountain Viticulture in El Bierzo, Spain - the only winery awarded the "Heroic Viticulture" certification in the region
  • Recovery of old vines with planting dates of over a hundred years
  • Godello and Mencía grape varieties, cultivated and vinified under organic farming principles without a specific certification but a conviction of care for the land and our planet. In English, known as "Supervised Control", and in French as "Lutte Raisonnée"

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