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Pago de los Abuelos

Barreiros Vineyard Collection

Barreiros Vineyard Collection

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1 bottle of 750 ml De los Abuelos Viñedo Barreiros Godello 2022

1 bottle of 750 ml De los Abuelos Viñedo Barreiros Mencía 2022

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Mirador Viñedo Barreidos en el Bierzo

1890: Barreiros Vineyard

The Barreiros vineyard is located on the Domingo Flórez Bridge and was planted at the end of the 19th century. The oldest documented record is from 1890. The vineyard is divided between Godello and Mencía vines since in the past, winegrowers intercropped a Mencía plant and a Godello plant to obtain a balanced plot wine.

Vineyard: Barreiros

Inclination: 40%, south face

Planting year: 1890

Climate: Oceanic with Mediterranean tendencies. Average temperature 14°C.

Altitude: 430 meters

Soil: Slate

Vineyard area: 1.4 Ha.

Nacho's grandparents, Floripes and Guillermo, bought the vineyard in the 1970s and it was here that Nacho discovered his passion for viticulture.